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SACS is a very flexible web-based application that provides the necessary tools to manage all of your groups or ministries within the organization. Attendance tracking, Follow up, Financial control, Achievements are some of the things you can control with it.

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We work to ensure you can take full advantage of the capabilities of SACS.
We are here to help you do that. Whether you need help with deployment, training, technical support, etc. we are prepared to help make your church or ministry as effective as possible.

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How We Help?


Consensus is committed to helping spread the Word of God.
We support small churches that are in the beginning of the path by providing SACS for free. They can use the full functionality of SACS to organize and be ready to grow.

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Powerful Church and Ministry Membership Management Software

SACS - Church and Ministry Membership Management software not only completely organizes al the information of your Church, Ministry, School, Day Care, Association but helps you improve visitor follow-up, become proactive with member and leader development, analyze all of your small group details, simplify contribution reporting, and even streamline your child check in and out process while increasing their security.

SACS provides a lot of flexibility to manage any group or ministry within your organization. Contributions, Tithes and Offerings, Sunday school, Married Couples ministries and groups, biblical institute, conferences and seminars are just a few examples of all the things you can manage and control with SACS. Its powerful security module allows you to grant access to your staff members to ONLY the information they require to perform their duties without gaining access to confidential information from any of the other groups within your church, ministry or organization.

SACS is a web-based application that can be implemented on any computer in your organization and does not require to install any software on the computers you are planning to use. All you will need is a computer that will act as your server.

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If you want to obtain more information about SACS or if you would like to speak with one of our representatives please call us or send us an email.

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